Has Anyone Seen Minuet #112?

It’s always great to hear from sailing enthusiasts who are part of the fairly small community of Minuet owners or past owners. I received the following message from Bob and Ricki who have fond memories of their Minuet and are wondering where she may have ended up!

I wonder if anyone has seen my Minuet, “Mugwump”?
It must be about 15 years ago. We sailed out of the Highland Yacht Club near the Scarborough Bluffs on Lake Ontario near Toronto.


The first photo is Mugwump out on Lake Ontario. You can’t see Toronto, so the camera must have been north of us and we’re eastbound. The lake is unbelievably flat and there appears to be little wind, so I’m guessing this was really early in the day, say 8am. You can see the accursed motor back there. You had to climb across the aft deck to raise it or lower it or pour in a quart of gas when it ran out – every day. It had no gears – to back up you climbed back on the aft deck and turned it 180 degrees while you backed out of the dock without hitting anyone. Try doing all that with a 1-man crew. 

Her main sail had the three musical notes logo, and the sail number was 112. The main sail was made by Stevens in, I think, Mahone Bay.

“Mugwump” was, I would have to say, sort of turquoise in colour. She had mid-brown coloured decking. There was a silver line down both sides of the boat, and a white stripe above the black anti-fouling paint. The silver strips were peeling so we replaced them with black ones. She had been made by the original McVay Yachts in Mahone Bay.  We never figured why, although we tried, but you had to pump her a little bit before every sail if it had been raining. There were a couple/three circular vents which we always opened to try and dry her out.


The next photo shows the topsides before we put in the winches and the know meter, but you will get an idea of what it looked like. I’m afraid you’re going to have to rotate this one. We liked the shiny look on the teak and it looks like it has just been redone.
She had a scary little 2-hp for clearing the channels around the bay – you weren’t allowed to sail them except for the Laser club. No fuel tank, just a reservoir in the motor so if you ran out you had to hang off the back with a measuring cup. Not so fun on Lake Ontario. The McVay motor brackets were also not so confidence inspiring.
She had a dastardly little crank to raise the main sail. It worked with kind of an Allen key and you lived in holy terror of dropping it – we only had the one.

The previous owner had little kids so, regrettably, he had installed a bow pulpit and a furling fore sail – somewhere between a jib and a genoa, striped blue and white. Just for fun we installed a knot meter. It got surprising readings for such a little boat. The boat did not come with winches, just fair leads – we had two winches installed. We also installed a tie-down for Muffy the Sea Dog – our pup who loved boats.




The last photo is by far the most important; Muffy the Sea Dog. No being who ever lived, human or animal, loved sail boats more than Muffy. She would cannon out of the car, chase some sea gulls and be sitting in “her” position wondering where we were. She had different spots for different tacks, and loved the wind in her face. A great sailing companion.
I have a few photos of us out on the lake and, to be immodest, she looked pretty darn good. We were maintenance fanatics. varnished her twice a year.
Anyway, we had to move so we put her with a broker and  don’t know what happened to her.
Anybody know if she’s still around? She is a fond memory around here and we’d like to hope she’s alive and well. Maybe your members know of her?
Bob and Ricki
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PEI Minuet for Sale

And if you are in the East, there is also a Minuet available in Summerside, Prince Edward Island!

Ideal family daysailer. Perfect for the bays of the island. Classic design. Handles well in light and heavier winds. Full keel allows saftey and confidence. All the rigging and sails are in good condition and the boat is easily moved with the wheeled dolly. A spinnaker and boom are also available. The yamaha is 2.5 horsepower long shaft in very good condition. Delivery possible, mention in contact.  See the ad in Kijiji for more photos and to contact the seller! Asking $2,750.00.







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Minuet for Sale

Ahoy! News in that Jamie is selling his Minuet.

Hi here is a boat that I am trying to sell. It is located in Mill Bay on Vancouver island

Clean good looking boat. It is all here.

Specifications on the boat are as follows:
McVay Yachts Minuet Family Daysailer
LOA 18′ 4″
Beam: 5′ 5″
Draft: 2′ 11″
Construction: Fiberglass, 900lbs cast iron keel molded into hull unit – new Gelcoat in 2012
Year Manufacture: 1977
DOT Vessel License: 4G-9131
Features: Self bailing cockpit, teakwood coamings, storage compartment under foredeck
Designed By: Naval Architect WJ Roue (also designed the Bluenose)
Current Name: Scherzo

Asking $4200.

Contact – jamieyz@gmail.com



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Sailing on Lac St-Louis

For those times when you are itching to go sailing but just aren’t able to, you can always check out some live action videos. I think these will be especially enjoyable in the dead of winter! Here is one of Patrick’s Mine de Rien moving along at a good pace on Lac St-Louis.

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Minuet on Horn Lake

This photo comes from Cam who is enjoying his Minuet on Horn Lake, Ontario.

Your post this morning reminded me that I should send in some pics of my boat.
 I found her on your site 3 years ago. She looked good but needed some love.
New sails from Angus and RB Stevens. Hull sealed and painted. Decks stripped and painted. Brightwork stripped and now oiled. All new running rigging. Chain plates and sub structure replaced.
All this and I’ve been able to sail her.


Thanks Cam! Smooth sailing!

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Ahoy there!

It has been a while since this site has been updated, so ahoy there all!  I hope you’re having a great sailing season! So on to what’s been happening. 

I received some fabulous photos from Patrick who reported doing some major work to his Minuet, Mine de Rien in July 2016. (including replacing the teak trim on his boat using an Infernal Homemade Steamer) You can see other photos here and here as well.

And, happily for Patrick, Mine de Rien is in ship shape and looking splendid on the water instead of in the workshop. Congratulations to you Patrick! It’s always wonderful to see these good old boats being restored and on the water where they belong!







And fair wind to you too Patrick!


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Ahoy Nova Scotia!

Ryan, from Nova Scotia is looking for a little assistance regarding repairs to a Minuet he is considering purchasing. He has sent along some photos of the rough spots. If you have any advice or have done these kinds of repairs yourself please add your expertise in the comments below.

Also here is a link to specifications for the Minuet that might be helpful:

I’d also suggest getting in touch with the Bluenose Association which is located in Chester, Nova Scotia. They also have a Facebook page. These boats were also built by McVay so they may be worth talking to. Or perhaps they could put you in touch with other Minuet owners in your area.



 img_20161013_172846I’m looking at purchasing a small boat to do some sailing in and around Lunenburg Harbour in Nova Scotia.  I came across a Minuet for sale at a reasonable price.  I think she’s in okay condition, but wanted some expert advice.  First of all, the hull is displaying a lot of blisters in the Gel coat.  I am not too familiar with this type of repair although I suspect it will be a lot of work.  Is this sort of damage common with these boats?  Perhaps a symptom of major issues??

Secondly, and my biggest concern, is that the previous owner has modified the mast step and moved it to the roof of the cuddy with a wood post fibreglassed in to the floor of the cuddy.  Has anyone ever heard of this being done??  At the worst, I figure I’ll have to put it back to its proper configuration with the step on the floor.  One bit of information I haven’t been able to find, how long is the mast supposed to be??  I’d like to take a tape measure and see if he’s chopped off the mast, whigh would mean I’d have to buy a new one.

 There is some fibreglass work to be done on the cuddy aft bulkhead on the port side.  We’re these boats built with epoxy or polyester resin??

img_20161013_172841  img_20161013_172829

img_20161013_172529      img_20161013_172511

The previous owner is no longer around to ask about this stuff, his daughters are selling the boat and don’t seem to know too much about it.  Any information or insight anyone could provide would be invaluable.
Thanks in advance.
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